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It's Not Permanent is a dramatic short film about a teen's positive approach to dealing with type 1 diabetes (T1D).


The short film was written and directed by Rick Hansberry and produced by Be A Giver to share our vision of HOPE for those afflicted with T1D or any illness or difficult situation life throws at them.


The inspiration for the film came from a story that one of our founders (Rachel Sharnetzka) told at a fundraising event for JDRF describing a conversation with her daughter about replacing her daughter's medical alert bracelet with a tattoo. Watch the film to see the daughter's surprising response and to hear her message of HOPE. 

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It's Not Permanent
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It's Not Permanent

Be A Giver
On The Set
Summer 2016

It's Not Permanent was filmed over several days during the Summer of 2016. Cassandra Storm Photography was busy each day capturing behind the scenes photographs as the action took place.

From the Beginning
June 27, 2016

The cast of It's Not Permanent conducted a read through of the entire script to refine and edit the final version. Cassandra Storm Photography was present to capture every moment of the evening.

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